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Nothing makes me more excited than sharing my passion for photography. Whether you are just starting out or need a boost in your business, I am here to share everything I have learned. Skip the trial and error process and lets get you on the road to a successful photography business!

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Your camera collecting dust? You have a vision of the images you want to take but aren’t succeeding? Don’t know where to begin with all of the buttons? We will cover how to manually use your camera and set you up for success in any environment you are shooting in!

Mastering Your Camera

1 hour - $450

Covering how to make clients feel comfortable, how to use light, posing and prompts to cover a one-hour session 

Posing Couples - Session Guide

*Models will be provided, location will be chosen by me*

1 hour - $700

Together we will go over your portfolio and select your best work to showcase. We can also go over your business structure and how you can improve. Goal for this topic is to book more clients and have more structure in your business!

Portfolio and Business Critique

*Price does not include GST, can be done via Zoom or in person*

1.5 hours - $500

Want to start a photography business and don't know where to start? Started a photography business but not consistently booking clients? I will guide you step by step on how to begin and start booking clients right away! 

Business Kick-Off

3 hours - $900

*Price does not include GST, can be done via Zoom or in person*

How to give your clients the best experience and up your services. Together we will write out email templates to streamline your business, navigate how you can improve your service and receive raving reviews! Goal for this topic is to increase current pricing and have your clients leaving with exceeded expectations.

Client Experience Guide

2 hours - $550

*Price does not include GST, can be done via Zoom or in person*

Are you having troubles nailing down your editing? Can't create the look you are going for? Or feel overwhelmed and unorganized with your post production workflow? Together we will navigate the most beneficial workflow and editing process to speed up your editing time and feel more organized.

Editing and Workflow

1 hour - $450

*Price does not include GST, can be done via Zoom or in person*


*Price does not include GST, specialize in Canon only, can be done via Zoom or in person*

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How do we book?

After completing the contact form, we will confirm a date + time. For all bookings I require a 25% non-refundable deposit sent via e-transfer. This will secure your mentorship slot and ensure no one else will be booked on your date!

Where do these take place?

We can do your mentor session via zoom or in person. In person mentor sessions can be taken place at a coffee shop or a designated work space.

Can we talk about things that aren't covered in the topic area?

Absolutely! At the end of our session we will have an open Q&A and I am more than happy to answer any photography or business related questions. 

What happens if we are not done in our session time-slot?

I will never leave you hanging and finish right when our time is up! Our time is used as a benchmark, although if you feel like you need a lot more time I recommend booking another mentorship session. 

What if I want to learn about something that is not currently a topic?

Send me an email of a topic you would be interested in learning about and I would be more than happy to help!